Thursday, April 10, 2008

random rant

You know what confuses me? Not one of the online book sellers (barnes & noble, amazon, powell’s, abe books, bear pond books) that I frequent has a collection of various award winners. For instance, I’d really like to add the entire list of the Nebula Award nominees to my wish list, and purchase a few of them at a time. And maybe even get the whole collection for the local library if I’m in a particularly flush and giving way. But no. This seems impossible to do unless I make the list myself.

Probably a good rainy day activity.

Other collections that I would like to purchase and eventually own all of: Nobel, Pulitzer, Newberry, Caldecott, Booker, Edgar, Agatha, Hollins Authors, and Oprah’s Book Club. (Okay, so maybe hollins authors isn’t something that has a worldwide appeal or anything, but the rest of them are darned spiffy.)

On a completely different note, David sent me the biggest arrangement of flowers i have ever seen. They are simply beautiful, and the whole office smells wonderful. Wow. I confess that it's true: you send a girl flowers, and she smiles. No one knows why.

The florist tried to deliver them yesterday after i had already left, which is just as well: the cold was hitting me so hard i wouldn't have been able to enjoy them. Today was perfect. Last night's early bedtime and the long hot shower this morning before work seemed to do wonders for my head cold. Perhaps the coming storms won't leave me sniffling and aching all over again, and i can spend the time creating a booklist.