Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Spring, Sir.

Today i find myself pretty happy and content overall. had a good night with family, including a visit from johnny, who doled out christmas-in-april gifts to everyone's delight. the food was yummy, the company wonderful, and we even got to look at his new iPod Touch, which is very swish indeed. (I'm still a fan of my classic, though). We oohed and ahhhhed and talked about how bad we are about purchasing goodies 'on sale.' it was fun to have him over and to catch up and touch base again. My gift was a picture of the boys which just melted me and a mug with vi commands that has come with me to work. I actually said "Hey, i didn't know you could do that!" while i was reading the mug. The Nerd light was on full-force last night.

it's pretty cool that it seems we are actually going to start work on the house, even though they are small projects at a time. We hung a picture that i have wanted up for a while. We started on the mudroom by taking a cabinet down from there and putting it and the other one from the bathroom in better locations. It feels good to be making progress, and to begin putting things in their 'homes.' It feels as though i'm truly moving in, weird though that might sound after sixteen months. So, this weekend, the cabinet went in the bathroom. Next weekend, the cabinets get moved on the mudroom wall and maybe we will get bead board and paint. Baby steps, but they matter to me.

I've been too worn out to read anything of real substance, and it took me a ridiculously long fortnight to finish Storm Watch, the first of the mildly entertaining Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I don't know that it's good enough to go rushing out to get the next in the series, but it was kinda fun while it lasted. Tuesday night i brought home a much-needed next-installment of the Stephanie Plum series and laughed and enjoyed myself in a restorative way, including reading much of it to David until he fell asleep listening. We are both so wiped out it's not funny. The boys were sick all last week, and now it seems David is again as well, and being stubborn about it of course since there remains so much work to do, mostly at work, but everywhere we turn.

The fun part of this weekend was watching Battlestar 2.5 and beginning season 3.0. we just started the series, and only made it through the first episode last night. I'm hooked, of course, but it's slow going getting through it since we have jobs and a family and alla that cool stuff. How do folks have time to watch all these shows, anyway?

It's spring. I love it! all the bulbs are coming out and i'm looking forward to gardening. We need to plant the bulbs we have, and to order even more. i'm a fan of bulbs, perhaps irrationally so, but there it is. i love spring. David and i have talked about weeping cherry trees, saucer magnolias, grandiflora magnolias, wildflowers and butterfly bushes. Face it: i'm turning into a complete girly-girl, even for a nerd.