Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It had to happen eventually.

Okay, so I was wrong. Well, more in the wrong time zone, but that’s nothing new for me. Anyway, the eclipse tonight for the eastern shore will start at ten. I’m still looking forward to the living room picnic, of course. And it finally happened; I was asked the question by a coworker yesterday: "Star Wars or Star Trek?” I responded without missing a beat, "Even if you take A New Hope versus Next Gen it’s still a pretty harsh question, but if you’re talking about Little Ms. "I am a senator" (in fetish clothing), well, that’s just a waste of good celluloid. Frankly, Star Trek is philosophy and Star Wars is a spaghetti western, so it’s really a question of what you’re in the mood for." I looked around at my colleagues, who were either silent or shaking with laughter, which I suspected was more at me than with me. I looked at Ray, the systems Librarian (one of those overcome with mirth and said) "No fair. That was a trap, and now I have a big NERD sign on my forehead and now no one will talk to me." It was a lighthearted moment at my own expense, and really wasn’t all that painful – nor wholly unexpected. I like the folks I work with. And they accept that I am a true-trekkie-blue NERD. 

N.B. No, I do not and have not ever owned a pair of Spock ears. This just had to be stated up front.