Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a day.

A few weeks ago we had Michael and his girlfriend Theresa out to visit. While the hens roasted on the rotisserie, we all went down to the Crossing Logs to shoot a bit, and ended the whole time with a tannerite moment. Our new neighbor demonstrated his infinite wisdom by coming onto our land, toward the gunfire, yelling his head off that we needed to quit doing whatever we were doing because not only was it probably illegal it was also too loud. Words were exchanged. He was righteously indignant and uppity to boot. And still on our land. Theresa and I packed everything up after I had my say so ["Um, if you don't like shootin' perhaps you might want to think about movin', what with huntin' season comin' up and all."] and headed back to the house. Michael came too, turned the grill off and brought then hens in, then headed back out to join the 'talk.'

Things seemed patched up, but then just a few days ago we found a dozen No Trespassing signs up on our trees, several yards into our land, and throughly screwed into the trunks. A call to the deputy reassured us that indeed he had no legal right to post anything anywhere on our property, and that in fact it was defacing our trees, not merely trespassing. Gosh. I bet that's going to get expensive for him when we file a complaint.

Just to be certain we were talking with the actual registered owner, David and i decided that i would go to the courthouse and check out the property maps. The clerks are real helpful around here and I like that there isn't a line and that they seem to know what they are talking about, and what I am talking about, even when I don't.

This morning I was out the door around 7:45, heading to the courthouse. I was at the parking hedge when i realized i forgot my tea, but it seemed silly to turn around. Then, just as I pulled onto 311, i realized i forgot the check from TheEx, too. [Last month I got only one, around the middle of the month, for half the amount ordered. This is probably a repeat performance on his sorry part.] still, i told myself it would be a waste of gas, which being short on money we have little enough of in the first place, so continued to town. finally, when i pulled up to the courthouse, i was locked out: apparently Craig doesn't open its court offices until nine.

Good thing i decided to go back home: i had left the house unlocked and the check for the electric bill that David had just handed me before he left was still on the dining room table.

I picked up everything that i had forgotten (the tea was most yummy), locked the doors and headed back down the mountain after calling the school to verify that we can still send in the money for the boys' pictures, despite not having a clue when the actual date is or a check for the same. it's all about timing.

We are now the proud recipient of a photocopy of the tax map of our area, with neighboring landholders marked on the map and their addresses printed out. I went to the credit union and had cash, less the standing five dollar fee to cash teh online check TheEx is determined to send. I was feeling all sorts of competant and as though the day was looking pretty good and then when i logged in i found an initial offer from VTLS.

Gosh. I was all a twitter. I emailed everyone, was all awash in o-my-gosh-ness, and went to lunch and talked the offer over with David. Despite being at the lower end of the salary range, I ultimately said yes.

And just as further proof that the universe is really on my side today, a dress that i have had my eye on has been reduced, and i have an email coupon for forty percent off that.

Yowie kazowie.