Friday, October 19, 2007


It's that time of year again, and I'm getting all excited about carving up otherwise perfectly good gourds. kn0w1 isn't helping, sending along links to free stencils and otherwise encouraging me [many thanks, actually]. I think it's genetic or something, but I simply adore Halloween. I used to have a whole archive of patterns and a collected set of tools, most of them from Pumkin Masters but TheEx helped himself to my file (as if he would ever carve a pumpkin in his apartment. but whatever). So today I'm going out looking for cool pumpkinsome things online and having a grand time with the results. Some of my favorites aside from the aforementioned Pumkin Masters include Yankee Halloween and The Pumkin Lady (what a great name!)

I received the official offer from VTLS and start on Monday the 5th. I am really looking forward to this. Jennifer will be in town in a couple weeks to assist with Ruckus in the Cage and I'm looking forward to tea and dinner with her. I am also hoping to catch up with Jaime this yuletide. There's something about the way the leaves turn colour, the sky gets darker and the sunlight slants that makes me want to drink warmed cider and talk with the girls, write a book, and design things.