Friday, June 1, 2007


This morning I woke up feeling pretty down, feeling as though i was missing my friends and the sense of ceonnection to the community that i had when i lived down the mountain. I said something to David about it, and he was sympathetic, but there wasn't much to be done except go on about the morning - ready for work, ready for school, cats fed. When I came home from dropping off the boys, I took David's advice and looked up Jennifer's number and called her. We got off the phone two hours later, my sides aching from having giggled so deeply. {*fwing*}

It turns out that she and her husband will be trading places with me and mine for a weekend, both of us on outings with our spouses for their sports events. Even if we don't connect then, i look forward to connecting soon.

Then after talking with her i headed into town, where i ran into Katie who hurriedly took me aside and told me the cafe was ready to be taken over. I feared she meant a hostile coup, something i could do but think is probably bad karma, and she assured me that the doors were closing of the owner's own volition, and had nearly closed that morning in fact. I did a few quick calculations, called the owner of the restaurant lease and asked what he would sell the building for, if he considered selling it at all. He had a number at the ready and said he would have to talk with a couple folk before he could have this conversation in eanest, but assured me he would be calling me at the beginning of next week. I'm looking forward to talking things over with David and seeing how feasible it would all be. Want to come see what's cooking?

In the baseball news, Ethan had a momentous time at bat on Tuesday evening, hitting the ball solidly and sending it straight up the middle past the pitcher. You could hear the cries of surprise and cheers of support throughout the park, and every batter afterward hit well, inspired it would seem. Last night's game was marked by a noticable team-oriented approach by Ethan, even when not everyone on the team was doing their part. It was nice to see, and truly he is growing into a fine young man.