Monday, June 25, 2007

not dead yet

Wow. this month is just zipping by me. The house proceeds covered the legal fees, with enough left over to pay off the visa and repay the personal loan that i took to cover TheEx's lack of support payments. There's even enough left over to go to a movie this weekend -- hoorah!

At home, we have been getting very grounded and focused. Putting in the Rose Bed seemed to unleash some weird-but-cool nesting energy, and then once the boys were out of school, the house truly became our haven. The hammock is my refuge, and I confess that I have come to rely on the calm pace of country living. There are spots picked out for the library, the hen house and the club house, and we went on a family trip to the hardware store and had a ball getting all the information on how much supplies will cost. The boys and I poked around the Pine Forest a bit, and they want hammocks to hang amongst the branches, which sounds like a perfect idea to me. They started climbing the trees and you should have seen how high they got. At one point, i had to actively remind myself of what it had been like for me as a little girl, and to quell my heart rate as i watched Graeme get higher and higher. He is quite the little scrambler.

The restaurant plans are at the put-up-or-shut-up point, and i'm as neverous as i am excited. I'm looking forward to going ahead with this, and have an awful lot personally on the line for the success of this venture.

note: the deer have been eating all my lovely flowers. I actually staretd to cry, because i've turned into such a dip about what we plant. I'm thinking of seeing if i can get someone out to look at the havoc and see if we can get some out of season damage permits.