Monday, May 28, 2007

recent happenings

Lots has gone on since the blueberry update. First, there was Mother's Day, complete with a trip to the nearby nursery for a rose plant. Her name is Pretty Lady and she is quite lovely. Then, we went around the farm, collecting rocks and stacking them up to make a rose bed. The Pretty Lady will go between the two climbers from David, who added a gorgeous Don Juan to the collection. I'm captivated by our home. Over Memmorial Day, we went on our first camping trip, which was a blast. The boys learned how to use a hatchet and I built the fire and we all roasted hotdogs in classic style. The forever birds sang all the way through til dawn, outlasting the weirdo a few campsites away who decided to come out to the sticks to blast the Heavy Metal Hour on the local station. Where do these people come from? We had a family dinner to celebrate David's birthday. We all gathered at the Home Place, and it was nice to see MIchael again. We will all hopefully get together again this coming weekend. Uncle Charlie and Aunt Barbara seem more than ready to be grandparents and are seeming to begin their practice on our boys. During dinner, Charlie told Graeme it was fine if he had only buscuits and jam to eat, and Aunt Barbara wanted to know if the boys would like to come out and see the cows. The answer to both (of course) is a firm yes. David and I talked things over and it looks as though i'm going to stay home for the summer. The boys and I will have plenty of time to go see our cute black-faced cow and watch her grow until David and I fence of the field and can bring her home. Yes, i know there is a little red cow too, but the black one is the favorite, and there's just no denying it.