Monday, March 12, 2007

our weekend

MOVIE DATE: believe it or not, Friday was our first theatre movie together. We nearly had one months ago, but it ended with us just taking the popcorn home and talking the night away. We saw 300, a movie which i knew nothing about [many thanks to Frodyma for suggesting it to David]. Despite the fact that it is apparently causing quite a stir in Iran, and that the reviewers can't figure out why it's a success, we loved it. We liked the action and the drama and the sense of the few free rising against insurmountable odds for their beliefs. The cinematography is gorgeous, bringing classic vase images to life, and the Spartan red cloaks flow magnificiently, rich and noble and inspiring. The dialogue is witty and the civics lesson is good. Is it history? Who cares? If you liked Braveheart, you'll love 300. After the movie, we were walking out past the video games when we both spotted Galaga. We played a game, and let me tell you David wiped the floor with me. It was as much fun as it was back in junior high. Sword Play: we got to looking at swords and the like over the weekend. One of the great things about the house is that the great room has a hugely tall ceiling (like, something ridiculous, twelve feet or so). So when we were playing with the swords, we really could play, swinging them at each other and discussing technique without worrying about walls or lamps or whatever. It was cool to be together like that and we discussed persona work and sword and board. After the movie, it felt very connected and somehow more together than ever. Honest, having a military weekend wasn't the plan, but we spent the fabulous late spring morning shooting. You should see the poor coffee can, or what's left of it, anyway. I don't know why i like shooting so much, excpet that it's problem solving, and very much a self-competitive thing, doing as well or better than the last time. David pointed out that my grip wasn't nearly tight enough and when i fixed that i ended up with notably better results and grip marks on the palm of my hand. Apparently this is a good thing, and the way it is supposed to be. David and I laughed at my inherent gentleness -- it sounds silly to think that i would automatically try to be gentle with something that houses an explosion, but there it is. It's right up there with the funny truth that when i was moving the poo pile i was being all gentle with the tractor, not wanting to make it clang or bang or jerk. I mean c'mon, it's a tractor. Before heading out to the Crossing Logs to go shoot at the stump and the coffee can, we were in the garage and unearthed the free weight bench. I was all interested, and David showed me how to bench press and how to curl (ok, so it's an embarassingly little amount, but it's still mine). I also started doing sit ups and body curls on the Soloflex inside, and started to keep track of what i do. It's not much, i promise. On Sunday we went to Denniston and moved furniture from the house to the storage unit. Let me tell you, if i wasn't already sore from the curls and sit ups, the dresser and china cabinet about did me in. I still have mountains of books and little stuff that needs to be gotten out, but at least the unit is secured and the big stuff dealt with. Overall, in with all the military excercises and moving and working out events, there was serious loving and tenderness. When David took me to what i have come to think of as Our Spot on the creek and built a fire, i was as content and at home and at peace as i think i have ever been. I am the luckiest woman ever. No doubt.