Friday, March 16, 2007

loving kindness

So often, I hear people talk about how it would be wrong or selfish to feel good about themselves, how they feel guilty if they treat themselves well or with genuine kindness. This is silly. When we cultivate feelings of compassion for ourselves, we begin to embody what love truly is. Manifesting love within fuels our ability to demonstrate our love outside of ourselves.

This morning, i am filled with love and compassion and true goodwill. I am blessed to have a wonderful partner, a loving family, and to be in a home that is warm and happy.

yesterday we went tromping through the woods a bit, thinking about streams and farms, houses and homes. on the way home, we bought nearly everything in the IGA and stocked the pantry high. The peepers were singing to the high heavens, and as we drove home i kept oo-ing at the frogs in the road, bouncing and skipping. david laughed (i mean, it just couldn't be helped -- i was silly).