Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Reflection


Week 3 Reflection

*Writing. The dissertation is 21,730 words. Slowly, steadily, this will get written. This is the Way of Writing. I wrote a draft of a proposal for a conference, and  have notes for the draft for an internship. Also I found a job posting that seems to fit with my skills and alignment, so I’ll be adding that to the Writing list for the coming week. I asked for letters of recommendation, and that’s a huge thing for me.
*I’ve been leading and responding to Class discussion posts this week, following up on the analysis I turned in (also this week). I like what I do.  This is the Way of the Student.
*I haven’t touched statistics this week, and that’s all okay.
*I opened up my dogsitting calendar again, and have a client scheduled for this coming weekend.


*Body recovery efforts are working. My feet still ache at the end of a shift, but much less so. I had Yet Another™️ boundary discussion about scheduling, and changes were made to reflect that. This is the Way of Work-Life Balance.
*I haven’t eaten out as much this week, and I even cooked once. This is good. I picked up yogurt and pomegranate to help keep me on track. I really like vanilla yogurt with pomegranate arils, freshly grated ginger, and honey. It’s kind of amazing. I am drinking milk, but not as much as I once did, and I could stand to pump it up a bit again, especially on work days.
*Supplements seemed to really help. The next step is to stop and see if the boost was enough to level up or if I need to refill the tank a bit more. We were specifically targeting circulation, generally, and joint aches and inflammation specifically, and I think they really helped.
*Saturday vegetable pickup happened
*Milk was not picked up.
*Acupuncture focused on my skull and brain and neurology. I think there is some major healing going on, and honestly I had given up on that as a possibility. It’s nice to be wrong.
*No salt float since Sunday
*No gym time, but lots of steps at the pharmacy.


*Women's weekly meeting on Monday evening happened.
*Pinball League on Monday after the Meeting, and more connections were made.
*Jedi Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon.
*Philosophy Writers group is really more a connection than a mind thing. One of the philosophers and I met after the meeting and traded work, and this feels good.


*Meditation happened mostly in a chair after work, whether I wanted to take the time out or not. My acupuncturist and I laughed about the result of a meditation practice is that sometimes the meditation takes you, instead of the other way around. 
*Sleep has been consistently restorative, and I’m blessed. No headaches since last Friday, and this feels especially encouraging. 

I feel like I found my way through some pretty substantial conflict this week, again. Court, non-court, the session with Vivian, the kerfuffle at the pharmacy on Monday. It’s all good. Even the tension with unexpected legal expenses hasn’t ruffled me as much as it once did. I don’t know what the source of the difference is; i certainly don’t feel as though I’ve “worked hard and earned it” or anything but I think that’s what being a Druid is about: cultivating that which cannot be earned, exactly.