Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Retrospective 2

What is going on now that harkens back to the middle of May 2018, when Uranus first crossed the threshold from Aries to Taurus? Remember the Mother's Day Hawaii volcano eruption, the week of rain in Roanoke, the emotions and the feels that were everywhere, the structures and inspiration that came from out of the blue to guide you forward? And of course, the Royal Wedding, full of Markle Sparkle and enough sheer romance to make even the hardest-hearted among us say awww.

Uranus turned his breakdowns and breakthroughs back into Aries once again in early November last year, and he's done making a double-check on what he meant to get done. He's back to Taurus again, to stay until April 2026.

What has been happening since then on the identity front?
Who are you and who are we as a culture?
How has this changed in the last year?

Monday, February 25, 2019


At lunch on Monday, my prodigal friend described me as a "mendicant Philosopher." I had to take a minute to enjoy the poetry of the image as it filled me.

He then accused me of having taken a vow of poverty. I had to correct him, though gently.

It's more a vow of authenticity, really.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The attractive fallacy of logic and accuracy

"the logic lover . . . wishes not to understand, but to use again and again their favorite magic words, as a shield against criticism and as a weapon against others."
There is a cultural foundation to the framework that the author explored: Logic can be used as a shield against personal feelings of unworthiness because being correct is evidence of moral superiority. This cultural notion of verifiable personal worth through factual accuracy is not only wrong; those who use it are doing so as a security blanket against feelings of unlovability and a lack of self worth.

The danger of acceptance of accuracy as moral high ground is that it is itself a cover for what we really are running from: that we hold inaccuracy to be proof of immorality.

Inaccurate = Wrong = no good = worthless.

The notion of unlovability then becomes validated by the argument (or spell in this case) of accuracy used to disprove the application of unlovability. Disproving the application of worthlessness in a specific instance validates the general cultural equivalence of accuracy and worthiness.

Therefore, the more insecure someone is, the more important it can feel to be right in a single instance. As if everything hinges upon it. Because, in fact, it does.The everything" in this case is the idea that one can prove ones status as worthy of love.

When someone rejects the notion of accuracy as evidence of moral superiority, the house of cards falls, leaving adherents feeling worthless. This is when adherents often became dangerous, lashing out at any naysayers, using attacking behavior and defensiveness.

Only when we walk away from the underlying foundation of verifiable (un)worthiness can we get to the point where being wrong is an opportunity. Verification of any quality necessitates the possibility of the absence of that quality.

Worth cannot be verified, because it can't be denied - you are worthy of love and happiness. Living a life of assumed worthiness opens the door to authenticity and freedom.

Friday, February 15, 2019


I drove 6 hours to participate in a round table discussion on Existentialism and Romantic Love. It was absolutely wonderful. Free Will, honest communication, vulnerability, and the price of acting -or not- to manifest fulfillment were discussed in terms of authenticity and what it means to live a life authentic happiness. I met fantastic fellow Philosophers. The round table was lively and thought-provoking; I expect that it will infuse the works of participants in coming years.
SOPHIA Lexington Knights of the Post Round Table: Henri, Derek, Erik, Jedidiah, and Lila

The post-discussion discussion at the pub was classic Philosopher's Free-For-All, with food, libations, and ideas flowing. Superheroes were debated. Makeup and Gender roles were analyzed. The value of capitalism was dissected. A logo was designed.

I think I might need to set up a Dark&Stormy Knight of Ideas world tour sheet. There might be posters. Possibly a tee shirt.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Artist and The World

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." ---Albert Camus