Friday, October 23, 2020

Plant Profile: Quinoa

Quinoa uses the same water ratio as rice (1:2), cooks in 15 minutes (1/2-1/3 time), and yields 4 cups cooked per dry cup of 'grain' (it's actually a seed). 2 cups per pound dry, same as rice, but double the volume for less energy. 

Yield: .5 ton/acre, or enough to give 20 people one pound a week for a year, just over a cup cooked every day.

Plant in April, drought resistant, needs little in the way of irrigation. Good drainage is needed to prevent waterlogging. A fall crop can be planted in warmer climates.

Harvest in 90-125 days, in June for early maturing varieties, which leaves the soil available for warm weather planting such as sweet potatoes.

Use as a replacement for rice.
Also makes an excellent Tabouli.