Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Be as helpful as you can, and be careful.

out-of-office reply from a fellow philosopher:
The pandemic we are living through is a time for moral clarity. It shows us how important a functioning, global, public health system is for all people without class or national distinction. It shows us how interconnected we all are in ways that are more than economic and also what is necessary in an economy. It brings home how important cooperation really is, and it shows us how wrong it is for leaders to use their office for division, misinformation, inaccuracy, lack of accountability, deflection or partiality. Those leaders lead to people like you, me, and our families dying.

Be helpful as you can, and be careful. Reject politics of division, and demand honesty, accuracy, accountability, fairness, and helpfulness from leaders. Stay sober, and let's look for the best in each other as best as we can.