Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Venus Apex Yod

There is a Venus-apexed Yod in the sky right now in Gemini, with Pluto (Capricorn) and Jupiter (Scorpio) at the base.
The focus is on relationships and relating, valuation of ourselves and of others, and how we see ourselves in relation to others in terms of worth.

Pluto/ Hades and Jupiter/Zeus are standing in the balance plates held by Venus/Aphrodite, who is uncomfortable with both of men, while the men are comfortable with each other, but equally uncomfortable with her. A balance must be found as to how internal and external power is handled in terms of relationships and value, both power that is demanded and power that is given away.

With Venus being in Gemini, we are asked to find balance, and to find what we keep secret or how we manipulate, so there is a bit of a deeper element to the normal relationships and ways of relating aspect of Venus. Specifically what we say. Look to where Venus is in your chart right now to understand what messages and challenges of balance and authenticity are being opened for you.