Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meditation Practice

I struggled with meditation forever.

Part of the practice for me is actually noticing the discomfort or whatever else is going on -- the traffic outside, the garbage truck, the bills on the desk, etc. -- and letting them EXIST, not letting them "go" exactly. It is beyond hard for me, but it is a powerful practice when I do it. {seventeen Yes, that is a big stack of bills and work over there. Well spotted! sixteen}

Try the activity below and let me know if it works or helps at all. I found my way into meditation through this little numbers game, and I still use it to center myself when I'm getting scattered or anxious:

  1. Sit or lie comfortably, or as comfortably as you can for whatever is going on.
  2. Lower your shoulders.
  3. Be aware of your breathing.
  4. Count backward from 20, with a breath on each number if it makes sense to do so -- when I'm in the board room, it's sometimes difficult to get this to line up at the beginning, but it frequently happens once I think of it and then forget about it again.
  5. If you lose your spot in the count, it doesn't matter; pick up with the last number you remember.
  6. Lower your shoulders whenever you think of it, if you think of it again.
  7. Be as comfortable as you want, physically -- I do small adjustments and never worry about it.
  8. Count to Zero.
  9. If you get to zero and still have time for more, start over. :)

This worked for me, and I like to use it when I have to be present for the activity (a board meeting, a court hearing that I can't stand, etc.) but not participating (listening and not falling asleep). Caveat: I did once start a sentence with "seven," but that was only one time and I was pretty deep in the headspace, having been in it for over an hour in a court hearing while I listened to lies about me as a bad parent and was supposed to not crack so much as an expression. It's not a BIG danger, but it could happen. :)

Best of luck with the practice!
If you make one intentionally positive action today, every day, you won't believe the beauty that your world will be in a year.