Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Fall

The third and (I'm assuming) final season of The Fall just finished rocking my world. Granted, with my schedule these days it took me three separate watchings to finish a single episode, but it’s totally worth it, and I confess that I binged the last three episodes. If you haven’t see Anderson’s performance in this series yet, then you’re in for a real treat; Allan Cubitt showcases the power of Anderson's understated elegance and makes the whisper the loudest voice in the room.

There were so many wonderful presentations of power, and explorations of how power is cultivated and kept are the glue that holds the police procedural together and make it rise far above usual offerings of the genre. Enjoy it for the wonderful presentation of narrative force that it is, but don't be surprised to see it listed on the latest syllabus for a Feminism in Film class.

Along with Sens8 and Jessica Jones,  could craft together a semester's worth of great viewing, great writing, and wonderful explorations  society, power and the power of society.