Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm taking a walk

It was too cold to watch the Quidditch Finals match, so we met up with friends, ate mightily, drank well, played games, and decided to take a walk. I joined the local Planet Fitness and started tracking my distance on the stationary bike. I met with a personal trainer and told her about my back and heart issues, and she identified safe training goals that would matter, various ways that I can exercise safely while still making Optimus Proud.

I'm being joined along the way by some awesome people, and I'm keeping track of my progress (of course: I am still a nerd, you know!). I'm mapping out challenges and skills, areas of real hiking that are similar to the path the Hobbits followed, and (naturally) some serious reward. In addition, Lizzy and Alessandra are joining me in restarting our Sunday Pilates routine.

Currently I'm not quite at Stock Road, but I can see it from here. I'm looking forward to every step of it.