Wednesday, June 17, 2009


While other areas of the country might be experiencing drought, we here near Johns Creek have plenty of rain. There was a brief moment of not-wet, accompanied by actual sunshine, on Monday and the boys and I were able to till half a row before the rain came back.

Everything has a slightly soggy feel to it, and I find myself wondering when the English are able to grow anything. I find myself quoting Morgan Freeman from his role in Robin Hood: doesn't the sun ever shine in this country?

Not that I am particularly dissatisfied; I actually love rainy days. We had a nice visit with my mom and cousin Emily yesterday and this morning we have craft time at the library.

Keira is promising to blog soon, and I'm looking forward to being able to keep in touch.

For all the rain, the garden is doing extremely well. The tomato and pepper plants are all in fruit and flower, the beets and carrots are putting up little leaves of promise, and the potatoes continue to thrive. Both rose hedges are establishing nicely, and there are fruits on the plum and pear trees.

No pictures, as yet. I'm thinking that eventually I will have to make a gallery to accomodate them all once they are downloaded from the camera.