Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chapel walk

For nearly two years, I have referred to the copse of trees with the hammock as the Chapel, feeling as spiritual there as i had in a long time, anywhere. So when David and I first started discussing a wedding, it made sense to me to have the ceremony in our Chapel, and the idea has, in a matter of speaking, taken root. I have thought of plating June-blooming hedges, flowers, trees and the like, giving it all a fairly romantic and soft touch, making use of the dappled light, and all in all letting myself really create a sense of place.

David mentioned the Aisle while we were plotting out the vegetable garden, and that idea has become a low, moss-like path with a Shady Lane garden being planned around an old pine tree to the left as you approach the chapel. We see Hostas, bleeding heart, bluebells and lilies of the valley.

One day when I was again talking about roses (a never-ending topic for me, and David is good to put up with it. He even manages to really get excited, and it astonishes me how well-matched we are in so many ways), he mentioned that he would like to put a white rose hedge at the back of the Chapel, so that we stand in front of it when we exchange vows. That hit me with a deep wow-factor, and I can't wait to put the white hedge roses there when they arrive.

The hedge roses haven't come yet, but Jackson & Perkins wasted no time putting me on the mailing list. We got a catalog last night, and I was idly flipping through, settling from the day, when I saw the Cathedral Arbor. O no. I think I need three of them. Maybe more.