Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Let love come to you

The buddhists tell us "attachment is the root of all suffering."

When I did research over the last few years, I found over and over again that suffering was a deficit of love.
How can these both be true? Are they as at odds as they seem?

In fact, when we step back a bit, we can see that the two are sides of a coin, united.
When we are experinecing suffering, we are indeed experiencing a love deficit. And our suffering may in large part be due to how attached we are to our love needs. 

Wait, that sounds weird, right?
It is kind of, yes.

When we are placing expectations on our love relationships, we are chaining them down, stuffing them in a small box, and making our relationships transactional by expecting them to deliver specific behaviors or things in specific ways. This is unfair, and it limits the amount of love we can receive. In effect, our expectations are creating the very love deficeit that is creating our suffering.

Lighten up.
Loosen up.
Let love come to you as it will.
This is the Way.