Sunday, June 12, 2022

The problem might not be the rain

I have a friend who's in a difficult space, and I'm not sure how to help. This makes my heart heavy.

Imagine the following situation:

Friend: I'm sitting in the rain and I'm getting all wet and it's kind of awful!
Me: Aren't you near a covered patio?
Friend: Yes, but it feels too far away and I don't want to go there.
Me: I sent you an umbrella through Amazon. Did you get it?
Friend: A man came and delivered a box and maybe that's it so I think so, yes, but I can't think about that because it's raining harder and I feel awful and now it's cold, too. Can I come to your place?
Me: No, I'm not available now.  Open the box and open the umbrella.
Friend: Wait, what? That sounds like a lot of instructions and the problem is that I'm wet and cold. Can you come pick me up?
Me: No, I can't. Open the box.
Friend: . . . 
Me: . . ? 
Friend: Never mind the rain stopped and everything's good, there are birds and I look hilarious because I'm drying out now.

We have had  this conversation a number of times, and I'm starting to think the problem isn't the rain.