Monday, May 16, 2022

Salad Days

Tomorrow the first farm delivery of the season comes, and I’m looking forward to a bag of goodness each week, a little bit of sunshine and love no matter how uncertain and bumpy the road is along the way. This week’s task list involves putting together the composted and ordering worms, cleaning the refrigerator shelves, and generally shoring up the organization to accommodate Tuesday afternoon processing and cooking. 

A friend asked a million years ago how to store vegetables, and I’m a big fan of using less plastic.

Ahhh, spring! 

That time of year when the garden starts sending out leaves and shoots of every variety! There's a reason that good times are called "salad days." 

For those of us with gardens or CSA subscriptions, storing the weekly harvest can be the most difficult part of the season. Here's a handy reference guide to keeping your lovely produce without plastic (and often without refrigeration):