Thursday, May 19, 2022

InadvertentResearch: Corn

Today's InadvertentResearch™️ is on corn. (Last week was wheat, and the week before was gasoline, and I don't mean to be like this; I can't help it). Corn futures are setting historic prices, and while I don't use corn much at all, it's in everything that comes off the shelves. It also has a huge impact on beef prices at the grocery store. Taken along with rising gasoline/shipping costs, this could mean that the spike in food prices is just getting started. [Most people who "pay attention to market forces" look at the DJIA; I watch corn, wheat, gold, and oil. I don't know why. I have been fascinated by this since I was a kid and read Little House on the Prairie.]

Anyway, beef and tortillas might be affected. I hope not. Who doesn't love a nice steak fajita in August?