Monday, February 21, 2022

Belles of the Silver Ball

Women's Pinball Tournament last night was brilliant! It was great to see so many new faces while catching up with the familiar crew.

Pam came in second with an amazing showing, and Erin came in third. I came in fourth (again), and new-to-us Karolina took home first place. 

My best game of the night was Paragon, and Pam was in my pod. She's an amazing teammate as well as having serious game, so it was fun to have her by my side while I knocked it out of the park.

(Picture of the game is not my actual score.) 
In a moment of pinball weirdness, my skill shot caused Ghostbusters to jam right out of the gate on my first ball. The incomparable @dudworks came to the rescue, and the ball drained as we replaced the glass.

I can neither confirm nor deny any magic words that were said. 

Karolina was in my pod for Pinbot, and we had a grand competition going until the third ball, when my opening skill shot put me over her score. 

Jade and Julia were in that round as well, all of whom were new to me and who were absolutely delightful. 

My final game was Kiss, and I did well enough that I was briefly in second place, but only because Erin and Karolina were still duking it out on Addams Family.

There's talk of starting a women's league because yes, it was that much fun.