Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Not just trolley problems

I was going to do research, but the pixels just moved about on the screen. Intellectual traction is lacking and I'm low-key tired, but otherwise I feel okay.
I took a bath and that helped some. Made a grilled cheese with banana peppers and dijon mustard, grilled in butter.
Then I looked up the percentage of the US population that is under 16, since no covid vaccine exists for that age group. Friends, it's right around 22%, which means that to achieve population coverage of 75% vaccination, I'm going to find myself saying that it's a moral mandate for all adults (without an extremely limiting medical condition) to get vaccinated, which means I'm going to say that religious exemptions do not matter in this particular case because a constraint on liberty is of less harm than death. Friends, my only saving grace here is that I'm in no way pretending that this is not a harm, it's simply a lesser harm.
I knew I was a utilitarian, but dang. I didn't know  I'd end up writing it down in such stark terms.