Friday, March 12, 2021

Friendly Reminder

Thank goodness for my friends. I've been maintaining a sprint pace for far too long, and I'm overdue for a rest period. Academia has done away with Spring Break this year, and I'm feeling the lack way down deep in my bones. 
Also, there are just So Many Things that are interesting and exciting to be part of right now. The upside of remote-everything is that the buffet is open and one can pile her plate as high as ever. (Did I mention I'll be on the SAAP panel tomorrow? I will. I'm looking forward to it, but my Zoom-avoidance is cranked up to the max.) 
The latest mini-series will launch later this month on the APA Blog, and I'm excited about it. I'm also ready to give series development a bit of a rest. This one is about Technology and Philosophy, a topic dear to my heart. It follows Climate Matters, Genology of Philosophy, Philosophy as a Way of Life, and Recently Published Books author interview series. Along with the existing Black Issues in Philosophy and Women in Philosophy series, and my editing plate is rich and full. I work with some of the best people on the planet and I'm proud of what we are publishing.
I've enlisted Tank to be my wingman on burnout prevention, a position he's got a lot of experience with. Not a full day passed before:
Me: I can't wait for this term to end so I can do NothingWhatsoever for two months!! 
Also me: Shiny!!



Definitely going to need to put this picture beside the computer.