Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Way is Love

Aiki is not a technique to fight with... it is the way to reconcile the world, and make human beings one family. Winning means winning over the mind of discord in yourself. It is to accomplish your bestowed mission. Holmes addendum: and to discover your bestowed mission. Love is the guardian deity of everything. Nothing can exist without it. Aikido is the realisation of love. The way," stopping reading, and explaining, "Do is Japanese for a way. Ai means love, harmony, and ki is the vital spirit. Aikido can mean, the way of martial spiritual harmony, okay?"

"Okay," says Joe. "... The way means to be one with the will of deity, and practise it. How can you straighten your warped mind, purify your head and be at harmony with the activities of all things in the universe You should first make God's heart yours. There is no discord in love. There is no enemy in love." ----Keri Hulme The Bone People, 200