Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Star Solstice

Today's acupuncture session was possibly the best I have ever had, and I left the clinic feeling floaty. At home, the crockpot had finished simmering the yams with ginger and cardamom, and I ate a bowl of yummy goodness while I sat and thought about how lucky I am. I'm also very glad that the housework was finished up this afternoon, because I doubt I will have the energy to do it for the next couple days.

When I opened my email, I found a notification that my proposal for an edited volume has made it to the final round and the publishers want a full proposal in the coming weeks. I now have two books in the final round for publishing. It might come to nothing in the final wash, but this is a message from the Universe.

Set your intentions, Friends.
The new year begins now.