Monday, September 7, 2020

Into the Mystic


So yesterday I was writing about Demography of Families, strolling along at cruising altitude, when my brain broke. Honestly, it felt like a whole new injury -- eyes twitching, tongue spasms, vision dimming, dizziness, while nine yards. I set my notes aside and faceplates onto my bed with my eyes closed until the spasms stopped. I was a wreck. Clearly I was done thinking for the day. I ran a bath and meditated, letting my mind spin until it could rest finally. In the process, I got two cranky emails from Vivian's dad (wrote a reply to one and drafted a reply to the other; it can wait).


Today I was still wobbly, but I wrote the rest of the paper in small bites, with rest periods in between. I'm wiped out and emotion (crying jags were never my thing, but here we are in TBI land. Water is boiling for tea? Let's have a good cry! Opened the refrigerator, did you? Cry some more.🤷)

I dropped a note to my neurologist in case she wants to see me before our next appointment in November. Resting now. Watching Away on Netflix because I love Hilary Swank. (O look, astronauts! Grab a tissue!)