Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tuesday: local food tastes better

Y'all know I must be moody or busy or both if I'm only dropping in to post videos. This past week has been both, and all my mental energy has been hijacked by worrying about if my jeep would break down on a milk run. So I sat in my Druid Chair (not real -- but I need to have one) and just looked at all the moving parts that were sucking the air out of the room.

I found:

The Jeep can't be expected to do what I'm asking her to do. I cancelled milk for four weeks while I find out if I can craft a better solution.

I'm angry. Now, Bruce Banner and I share a secret, so *being* angry isn't a problem for me, but *denying* anger is. So. I'm angry, and it's going to stay that way for a while, probably. Anger is an unaddressed wound. I'm angry at the persistence of this situation with my daughter, but processing this means facing how vaguely powerless I am in the situation and also honoring that I will not quit my relationship with her, no matter how many conditions and hurdles are placed in the path.

I'm tired. This seems ridiculous, since I don't *do* anything, but I'm tired anyway. Ok, then. Be tired.

When I got through that, I opened the document for the blog post I'm editing and started writing up the parts that I had figured out. A couple hours later, the piece was complete. This is how the Way works for me, it seems

I'm letting the piece sit for a couple hours more before I send it off (fingers crossed -- this is the final editing round for the position).

In the meantime, the vegetables arrived for the week, and the tomatoes were so lush I washed and used them with the lettuce and cucumber right on the spot. Sourdough croutons from this week's bread and a quickly whipped-up vinaigrette of Meyer lemon and balsamic vinegar brought the whole thing together.

This afternoon, I'm less busy but still moody, so: