Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Disability Day

Disability days just happen. That's what having a disability is. It might last for a few hours or for the better part of the week, but you know, you never know.
Today is one of those days, marked by acceptance and honoring how I feel, living with the weakness instead of against it.
What do you do on disability days? Not much, honestly. Sometimes nothing. Frequently, even knitting is beyond me, intellectually as well as physically. Reading is slow, because comprehension takes a lot of work. I nap a lot.
What helps? Well, it depends on what you mean by "help." Saunas and baths relieve my discomfort, but I'm still weak and brainless. Having food already prepared is an essential part of disability management for me, since I usually have no appetite, and cooking is beyond me. Stairs are difficult, and household chores require a mountain of effort, so things like having  a small washer in the kitchen are really helpful. Deliveries are essential; I'm practically housebound by fatigue, and am grateful that I can function in the apartment on my own.
How can I help? Join me in accepting that this is real and that little if anything will be accomplished. I move slowly. I'm still me, so I can sign and return a document, or participate in a conversation meaningfully as long as it's short and doesn't have too many moving parts. And I'll probably need a nap afterwards. If I have errands to run, those get scrapped -- driving is a huge effort, so if you want to do that for me, that would be amazing.  Also, if you want to come by and take my dog for a walk or just play with him for a bit, he would love that. Not only am I boring in the extreme on disability days, he gets clingy (I think he frets a bit).
When will you get better? Better than who?