Friday, July 31, 2020

Update of the Week

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. ---Mahatma Ghandi

Out the window:
Nightly thunderstorms have been happening all week, and it's gorgeous and sometimes very dramatic. The days are oppressively hot. I'm so glad to have air conditioning. It looks like the coming week is going to be filled with rain and possibly thunder and lightning. The milk run is next week, and I'm glad I have new wipers and new tires and new brakes. 

Letters and songs
Books and conversation
A visit with Vivian where I got to tell her that I love her just the way she is and she doesn't need to change anything about herself to please others.
Daily morning phone calls with my friends sustain me in this isolation.

A Hidden Wholeness, Parker Palmer
"The Moral Equivalent of War," William James
"The Sentimentality of Reason," William James

Umbrella Academy, Season 2

  • Philosophy: Office Hours Monday-Friday
  • Writing: Submitted a piece to two more journals. I feel as though my job right now is collecting rejection slips. Writing for the upcoming week is largely focusing on letting the Spirit guide me instead of accomplishing an assignment. It's going to be a wonky month.
  • This upcoming month, I think I'm putting Stillness as an activity. 

Once I finally came out of the disability fog this week, I wanted nothing more than the world's most simple fare, and lots of it. I made a pot of rice, a pot of white beans, and a lentil and potato soup. This is soul food.

  • The garter blanket is onto skein 5 (Woolstok 150, Highland Fleece). It's large enough that I no longer store it in a basket but in my large backpack. It's ridiculous to try to carry, so it's fortunate that none of us is going anywhere these days.
  • the Brownstone jumper is on skein 2 (Woolstok 150, Cast Iron). I like the perspective shift I'm getting with doing the jumper construction in a way that is completely new to me (sleeves first; body worked from the bottom up; I've ever done a V-neck before).
No words needed:

Lesson learned the past few days:
No, really, that's it; just breathe. 

A cabin in the woods, with a little garden patio, and a doghouse between the kiln and the writing studio.