Thursday, March 19, 2020

Working from home

Zoom Meeting Supervisor
Tiu likes to stay under the table, so I moved his bed there. It's like a luxury crate for him. Zoom and online conversations continue, and I feel fortunate to have phone friends as well as the virtual capability to meet.

Last night Tim set up the chairs around the firepit at least six feet apart. We all took turns feeding the fire and poking it. The conversation centered around movies that are great for the isolation and activities that work for adults as well as kids.

I'm thinking of updating the movies page and creating a page of television shows.

Meanwhile, the beginning of the next season of Poldark is promising to e as enthralling as all the others. I will miss it when I'm done with it, but for now, the nightly routine of an episode or two with ice cream is just my speed.