Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thursday again, already.

Wow, I'm tired.

A friend came up from North Carolina to take me to Floyd to pick up the yarn (remember that time that we almost got into an argument about Jesus?), and we listened to live music while we were there. Then we ventured forth to an Airbnb retreat so that I could focus on sorting through my thesis and get some overdue rest while he sorted through some issues with his construction crew. The trip south was filled with music as we traded songs via Bluetooth to the stereo -- the internet is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. We took turns choosing songs; the singing got more and more relaxed; by the time we crossed the North Carolina border, my shoes were off and I was belting out 90s folk songs as if no one was watching, his only commentary to harmonize in beautiful fashion. I got to meet his friends Kathi and Tim, who are absolutely lovely folks. I'm looking forward to having dinner with them again in the near future. It has been too long since I was on the road.

On the way back through Virginia, we passed two different surprise cemeteries, a treason carcass, and a house with lightning rods. (Remember that time we saw the hawk?) We had an early dinner and lovely conversation (remember that time that we almost got into an argument about what it means to act in love?) with my friend Robert before finally getting to Roanoke, where I slept like a baby after a good soaking in the tub. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my tub? Absolutely adore it.)

This morning I was moving slowly -- headaches and such -- but finally got in gear enough to print out what I have assembled to date for the memoir, such as it is. It's missing quite a bit, most of which is the Rockstar Philosopher Origin Story of 2019, including head injury (my superpower is love and peace, for real -- who knew?? I'm kind of tickled). It's roughly 240 pages. I'll be spending such time as I have over the next month cutting and tweaking and writing the missing bits. There's a final piece or three that might not go in. But such is the nature of final rough drafts, and mine is due February 24th.

This afternoon I had lunch with a friend from Meeting House. We had a lovely chat and also some deeply spiritual conversation. I feel loved and heard and enriched.

The calendar is getting packed.
I haven't even added a beach trip yet.