Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday Writing

This morning started off with even more writing, after a serious bout of it all yesterday and into the evening. There is some really good material here, I think , and it's getting uncomfortable and difficult and all the more powerful for it.

I was tempted to skip writing group this morning so I could keep writing, but got talked into showing up. My main misgivings are that there is a lot of recitation of personal drama as a random social hour that doesn't really do much for me since I'm not really a social person. I write; I want to read what I write to other writers; I want to hear what others write and comment critically. It's what makes us all better writers. That's the point for me.

This morning's drama report was dialed up to eleven. We talked. A path was identified. I have no idea what will happen. It's not my story.

I came home and made eggs and tea and finished a book that is just amazing.

What I learned today is that I'm not interested in giving my power away any more. I already knew that, but the reinforcement came at a pretty important time for me, so for that I'm grateful. The Universe has its ways of speaking to me, if I will be still, open up and listen.

It will likely take me all day to process through the emotional roller coaster that was the alleged writing group.

On the upside, I have some really good work that I wrote yesterday and this morning, and the energy seems to be carrying me into the evening.

And there is a newfound clarity in my soul, washed and polished to gleaming by the tears that helped bring it to light.