Sunday, July 8, 2018

A walk

Ended up craving more time walking, so I headed down the Greenway toward the swing where I used to walk every morning.

It was just over 2 miles to the swing, 4.25 round trip, and the bath afterward was exactly right. There is a little free library at the sidewalk near the swing, and I might have to make more use of it. The selection wasn't great, so that's all the more reason to put better books in there.

That's probably a walk that needs to happen again in my life, possibly often.

After the bath, I headed to the library to renew a book, print some stuff and basically recharge my library batteries. I suppose other folks might not have those, but I certainly do. The project for the library school class has entered the next phase, round 3 of 4, and life is good. I like my team.

Tonight is As You Like It at the Lime Kiln, and I'm looking forward to a play. La Boheme was nice, but opera is different, and Charlotte's Web was excellent, but not quite the same thing at all. I know I know: I'm splitting hairs.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to it.