Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Druidic-Rangering Sort of Day

Yesterday was a day without any focus whatsoever, and I barely remembered my own name, let alone was productive. Today was better, but it wasn't really what I would call focused, and, after sitting with that feeling for a bit, I decided to lean into it instead of trying to work against it.

What happened was a complete surprise, I promise you. With each step, I decided i would just do a little of whatever, usually something that seemed okay-ish, though not really interesting or compelling. I decided to read a bit and picked up the book-in-progress. An hour later, I had finished it, made significant paper-worthy notes in the margin along the way, and decided to pick up the next one in the stack. I'm now twenty percent of the way through that one, and there are notes in it as well.

After that, I checked my mail and made a few necessary phone calls, not really wanting to do much of anything involved. I noticed that there is a contest that seems like something a friend of mine would like, so I sent it along. Fiction isn't really my thing, let alone speculative fiction, but there was a sentence that came my way, so I wrote it down. Three pages later, it's a pretty good sketch, though not speculative fiction at all. I have no idea what to do with it, or what it will become, but it's real and on the page.

After that, I welcomed Harvey home and he brought in the cubby unit for Vivian's room (we are slowly getting the organization of the apartment done). We decided to see what the assembly requirements were, and the next thing you know we were done with it and had it in place.

Then we were heading to the gym, just to do a little something, maybe walk, and I remembered that we needed to drop by the comic book shop. We browsed and had a lovely time talking with Erin, who has a fondness for similar works as those we are getting for Vivian. She mentioned many helpful things, and, in true Nerd fashion, had a list for us before we left.

We went on our way to the gym, where we talked with Maggie, our favorite staff member. She was also full of good conversation and helpfulness, as always, and it's a delight to see her. We decided just to walk a bit, and after a half mile I asked if he would video the twisted angels, so we went off to do that. Then, since I was there, it made sense to do some situps. He went off to row for ten minutes, and I messed about with the weights and the yoga center, then hopped on the treadmill next to a classmate and jogged a quarter mile while I talked about reunion (I'm not going; she is). Harvey still had five minutes to go on the rower, so I sat on the one next to him and did 500 meters at his pace (2m45s), which was enough for me, thank you very much. We went down to the pool, just to stretch, and the water was so wonderful and warm that I swam 475 yards in fifteen minutes. Back in the locker room, the sauna was amazingly serene and welcoming; twenty minutes slipped by before I knew it.

I didn't set out to be a Ranger today.
It just sort of happened while I wasn't paying too much attention to anything.

  • Read: Finished book 3 (of six); began book 4; notes throughout
  • Write: Three pages
  • Call Mrs. Potter
  • Pre-Registration call for medical appointment
  • Assemble the cubby unit for Vivian's room
  • Comic Shop
  • Gym:
    • Walk: half-mile in ten minutes
    • 16 twisted angels
    • 16 inclined twist sit ups
    • 16 swimmers presses (7.5# each hand)
    • 45 second plank
    • Downward Dog
    • Childs Pose
    • jog a quarter mile while talking with Jen about the reunion
    • 500 m rowing
    • 440 yards swimming
    • 20 minutes sauna