Monday, June 19, 2017


I had a lovely time and some major revelations all last week at the workshop, then had a really nice time at the seminar on the legal system and met some lovely conflict resolution colleagues, and then had the rug yanked out from beneath me at home Saturday evening.

The soft light from the workshop continues to infuse my every cell, holding me quiet and still when I want to rage, blanketing my sharp, spiky barbs until they are soft words, spoken easily if not lightly, with compassion concerning difficult topics. Anger gets little purchase, and doesn't hang around long, in favor of the authenticity of hurt, broken trust, and doubt. These are uncomfortable companions, but honest ones, and sometimes that is what is really called for.

This is truly transformative for me, mind and soul, not only the wonderful week, but the uncomfortable re-entry as well. If I am willing to sit with the discomfort, to listen to my inner voice and suspend judgement, I might be able to hear the Spirit moving in the Light inside me.