Saturday, April 15, 2017

Challenge Wrap-up: Bloom

The challenge format was really nice. It allowed me simply to focus on the elements that I wanted to be more attentive to, without getting hung up on the notations and tracking. This is a real difference from where I was in November 2012, when I had NoClueAtAll but I knew how to track stuff. I'm pleased. I like the increased awareness piece and the mindfulness that it promotes and reinforces. Through mindfulness, I am finding a path to increased self-care, self-compassion, and true serenity, both with myself and with others.
  • physical: This element saw increases to time in the sauna and meditation, a real ownership of the day's scheduling (including a near ditching of television altogether), and an increase in the regularity of meals. Also, that last week with the heart monitor was sheer force of will, and I'm glad I did it. 
  • emotional wellness: This element saw an increase along many fronts: The constant invitations to yet another round of tug-of-war with Vivian's father has lost much of its ability to upset and distract me, and, for this round anyway, was unable to derail me. Also, continued work with my therapist and readings has been huge. I'm not certain exactly what shifted, only that something certainly has, and that I feel more resilient.
  • educational balance: This element was challenging, far more so than I expected it would be. I have been very last-minute about the class, and scattered about the independent study. It's time to gather up the edges of my focus on this one. Fortunately, it's a salvageable situation.
  • financial fitness: Huge progress, mostly through excising the disease. I retained an attorney, met and did what I was told to do, went to court the first time, and stopped the bleeding.
Success on all fronts. I'm not certain what my next challenge will be, but it will certainly build on what has been established here.