Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Monday.

Last night on the phone, Vivian told her dad about the fun we had this weekend. She was really happy and glad to share that with him, and I thought it was nice to see her having some continuity in her life across the households.

Then this morning, I get a scathing email from him. He freaked out in a hostile, blustering early-morning tirade, going all over the map about how I was in the wrong to have taken her, that it supersedes a commitment that was made to Vivian (but weirdly awkward and obvious about not saying who made the commitment), that it was dangerous to the point of unethical, and that having done so I need to do it repeatedly, for life.

This is not wholly surprising, and might possibly be reflective of why he is my ex. Whatever. I'm happy to support Vivian and her interests, and that's all that should matter to anyone, ever.

Happy Monday.
Namaste, y'all.