Sunday, January 22, 2017


The day on Saturday was slow, and then Sunday's reset rituals held us gently, as it does every week:

  • Put bedding in to wash and make breakfast
  • Get dressed and go to Friends Meeting
  • Bedding into the dryer; weekly laundry into the washer
  • Visit with friends -- it's more restorative than I can express.
  • Weekly trip to the co-op for groceries (and to visit everyone else who plans this same moment)
  • Lunch and cards at home -- laundry into the dryer
  • Reset Vivian's room and her toys and clothes
  • Change, if needed, and collect stuff to go back to Dad's
  • Drive and drop off
  • gym and steam room and sauna and shower
  • dinner at home
  • step work meeting
  • cards and conversation and bedtime

Years ago I would have balked at the idea that upon awakening my day was spoken for.
Now, I feel the loving comfort, the support of it.

By the way, Vivian loves her new swimsuit so much that she wore it all day Saturday before we went to the pool -- even while rolling the oats for the oatmeal cookies.