Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saturday Fun

Breakfast before adventures.
 We were out and about this weekend. Vivian was blisteringly tired on Thursday evening, with a low fever on Friday afternoon, but by Saturday she was right as rain again.

Saturday morning dawned with a post-breakfast trip to Vivian's favorite library.There was time to read, of course, complimented by puppet theater and flights of imagination. We

We headed to the Village. Vivian has taken to wearing the silk scarf that I knit her around her ears. This tickles us both, for reasons neither of us understands.

At the toy store, we looked at everything, and ooh-ed and ahhh-ed, but the marble run got our attention the most, as usual. We have been visiting this tower for three years, now. It's an iconic piece of the store for us. There is a new piece, with music, that we really like, too. It was enjoyable as it was set up, but when the clerk showed us that the musical parts could be rearranged, we lost ourselves in the possibilities for a bit.

The usual toy store clerk was out, and we missed her. We look forward to making an excuse to go back and visit again soon, probably on a rainy day that is heading our way.
Any time at the toy store is grand, of course, but especially rainy days at the toy store with Erica. There hasn't been much rain lately, and not during visitation and toy store overlap, so we have been remiss in going.

Marbles! Our favorite thing!
Strategy Matters
Walking in the Village
It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We are running around without coats, playing in the park as though it is still early September. The weather this weekend was just as beautiful as you could ever want, and we liked walking in the Village as much as everything else that we did while we were there.

Art With Cupcakes
The Saturday  meeting was especially wonderful, because there were cupcakes. (I don't know why -- this happens sometimes. I take it as proof of the Universe's unending delight and benevolence.) Just as delightful as random and unexpected cupcakes are the drawings that Vivian creates during meetings. She gets so engaged with the process, that watching her create is its own activity.
The music game with Pat