Monday, December 14, 2015

Finishing Touches

I'm pretty serene today, feeling calm and pleased with myself and my world. I have a wonderful family and friends; I can make nice things and do some things well; there are cookies and a tree. I feel loved and loveable.

The scarf is dry and it has a label and is ready for giving.

Fall term is over, and my classwork is satisfyingly complete. I have an independent study lined up for next term, and the abstract for the paper got submitted to a conference. I have no idea when I will find out if the paper has been accepted, but I'll be writing it anyway. Registration is scheduled for next week for the independent study and the thesis. 

It's the final day of the current six week challenge, and I am looking forward to writing up some insights and carrying on next year. Self-improvement has become a way of life, and I am really loving it.

There are giggles and ornaments and love in abundance; we have chocolate chip shortbread and pumpkin pies ready to bake; the jeep is back. I made some much-needed calls to good effect; there are knitting projects lurking in the wings, preschool choir concerts, and Netflix offerings.

Life is good.