Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random questions at Kroger

Tonight, or, more accurately very early this morning, I was in the self check out at Kroger. The man using the scanner behind me looked at the contents of my cart, 24 red rollers, 6 blue rollers, two lipsticks and seven plums, and asked,  "What are the plums for?"

"Because they are yummy. "

" Rough night? "

I thought about what I had done in the last twenty hours :

Taken the children to school, sued someone in court, gotten a doctor appointment time confused, washed my hair, read a book, sent an email, bought a pair of shoes, talked with the boys, picked up the girl, watched a guy get distracted and drive away from the filling station with the hose still connected to his gas tank, gone to an amazing dinner, had a random jogger stop and talk to me, colored on craft paper, got checked out by a bartender, played a game of pool, had great kisses, busted my lip, put everyone to bed, and gotten horribly confused by the Internet.

" Just the normal. "