Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quotes from Habitation of the Blessed

"the sky had cooled, a flush of pink rising in the east, as if the deeds of men embarrassed the heavens."

"Unfair books. You require so much time! Such a meal of the mind is an arduous feast indeed. "

" Children must practice disappointment when they are young, so that when they are grown, it will not go so hard with them. "

" Dreams scrape everything up from the underside of the heart. It is rarely lovely, the sludge that comes dripping out. "

" a man cannot die his way out of hell. "

" the logical conclusion would be that I have died and wandered into some heretofore uncharted sphere of Hell, and that would explain much to my heart. "

" What a betrayal is death, in the land of life. "

" a historian knows no propriety. "

" When one lies in bed at such an hour, every word seems a secret. "

" Children, you must understand, are monsters. They are ravenous, ravening, they lope over the countryside with slavering mouths, seeking love to devour. Even when they find it, even if they roll about in it and gorge themselves, still it is not enough. Their hunger for it is greater than any heart to satisfy. You mustn't think poorly of them for it - we are all monsters that way, it is only when we are grown, we learn more subtle methods to snatch it up, and secretly slurp our fingers clean in dark corners, relishing even the last dregs. All children know is a clumsy sort of pouncing after love. They often miss, but that is how they learn.
Their hands are so bi, so big, because they need so much. They reach out and out and you could disappear in their grip. "