Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dinner and a movie, just not at the same time. Or same place.

At this rate, the premiere of Touch, season two will be after my television fast has ended on February 17. For the record, I know that the following day, February 18, is a Monday, but I’m planning on catching up on Revenge, Nashville, The Following, Criminal Minds, Elementary and The Walking Dead. Perhaps I should schedule that week off from work. [Just kidding, David: I will be done by Wednesday at the latest.]

I gave up coffee, too, but I don't know if I'll be adding it back in. Maybe, since Harvey brought a wicked-yummy looking Gevalia variety to the house, but still not to the ten-cups-in-ten-hours degree. If you want to join me mid-February for a bit of a tv-fest, I’ll be in the basement, in a recliner, probably knitting.

Speaking of the basement, I reclaimed an area that had been nothing but dead space piled up with storage and unsorted, mostly unidentified stuff.

Before: (totally embarrassed to post this, but that's the way it looked)


Saturday afternoon Harvey and I saw Zero Dark Thirty, and I was caught off guard in the best of ways. I knew I would like the film, but I didn't know I would love it, actually sitting on the edge of my seat at one point (more than once, actually), smiling and frowning and laughing with the characters on screen.

Last night I was treated to someone else cooking dinner. I wasn't surprised that a cream sauce infused with honey, lemon, mint and thyme, pored over chicken and penne would be something I just adored (and I did. It was savory and delicate, while having enough substance to be satisfying). But the boys dug into it with gusto as well, and that was heartwarming to see. Usually dinner these days has been met with a very teenage "Can we have pizza?"