Sunday, December 2, 2012

A-V, knitting, Pilates and more A-v (with knitting)

This morning I woke up at my regularly scheduled time and had absolutely nothing to do. It was brilliant.

I watched Lawless a movie about the Bonderant family in Franklin County during Prohibition. It ended up being really good, and totally worth the price of admission. Based on Matt Bonderant's book The Wettest County in the World, it holds its own as a movie, and I'm looking forward to reading Matt's work at some point. For now, just know that this goes on the same shelf as Cinderella Man.

While I was watching, I continued knitting the body of The Blue Sweater. The body is complete (I have yet to decide what sort of decorative edge, if any, I am using on this sweater) and I moved on to the sleeve before dashing off to meet the girls for Pilates, a part of my week that continues to be more essential than ever.

The instructors indicated they are interested in continuing the six week semi-private sessions, with extending the time to 90 minutes to be able to include as much stretching and meditation as we three seem to want. After class, Alessandra and I went to Cups for a perfect cup of hot chocolate (mine with Bailey's, hers with Peppermint Schnopps) and I added in a corned beef sandwich before going home to hit the shower and reset for the week.

Ethan's friends were fully engaged in Dance Battle when I went downstairs, and we had a great time -- I remain the only person to be able to hold my own with Ethan, and actually beat his score by a few thousand this time (to a song that isn't in English, being danced by a Ninja holding a blade that made some moves seem self-inflicting, but that's not important right now).

After the entertainment concluded, and Vivian returned, Graeme and I settled in for a few episodes of the newly released Season Four of Merlin. He would have watched them all last night, straight through, if I hadn't called a halt and sent us all to bed. I started skein four and have begun the cable on the sleeve. It might (might!!) be ready to wear to the opening of The Hobbit in two weeks.

I'm off, having read another couple chapters in Geekomancy before feeling drowsy. Happy Sunday, everyone.