Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Dawn of a New Day

While I am walking to Mount Doom, I have gotten some good advice, not the least of which was that I shouldn't be putting my heart rate above 150 given my recent history. So when I tried the elliptical machine this morning and saw a rate of 147 after only three minutes, I bailed and headed back to my friend, the bike. Alessandra joined me, and we went another 4.5 miles today, still on Stock Road, but into the rolling hills part. A sense of foreboding is peppering the day as we approach the forest.

Also, I am hungry. I mean, ravenous. I don't even like bananas, and I nearly knocked the produce guy down trying to get one after biking this morning. I ate it while the children had their breakfasts and I made Vivian's lunch. I started with orange juice and the banana, and I really haven't stopped yet. I'm having flashbacks to when I was on the swim team back when I was 15.

The children continue to be fantastic. [Although Ethan was a little disappointed that the election results mean we will not be moving to New Zealand, he can live with it.] Ethan and Graeme are continuing to rack up Level One points in the mornings, and by being helpful in the evening. I'm looking into karate classes for them at their request.