Thursday, August 16, 2012


this particular Leo New Moon is special because it also gives us the patience and strong will to make all our bright ideas happen. Sometimes your average Leo New Moon can inspire great ideas that lack follow-through, but not this time. Mars and Saturn are making aspects to the New Moon that will get results

Ordinarily the little tidbits of astrology that end up in my inbox don't have a meaningful effect on my moment-to-moment reality. But today's promise of creativity, patience and most of all results was so well-timed that I almost burst into tears in relief.
It has been a stressful month. I'll keep you posted as things fall into place, whatever that place might happen to be. The chaos of it all is eroding me, so I tend to turn to the structures I have put in place to give me a sense of stability.

In that spirit, I give you an update:

Out my window: After the blistering heat, the last few days have been relatively cool. I’m enjoying the end of summer, and looking forward to a few preautumnal rainy days.

On my mind: Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Oh, and back to school.

On my To Do list
  1. See a house and sign a lease
  2. Secure a storage unit
  3. Move everything to the storage unit on Sunday
  4. Finish boxing everything up

On my needles: For now I'm working on the large cable for the Réallon sweater. Vivian's coat and the accompanying yarn is all packed up, and I'm not too distressed. I will be working on it again once we move, and it will be finished in time for any cooler weather we might have, though such seems far removed these days.

On my kindle: I just finished The Snowman and have opened up Gone Girl, a book Jennifer says I need to have read yesterday (high praise, indeed). Two chapters in, I’m already hooked on the characters and can’t wait to find out their story.

On my roku:
Grimm, Season 2 premiere
West Wing, Season 2
Closer, Season 7 finale

On my iPod: Eastmountainsouth, eponymous

On my Wish List
  • A raise
  • A job, any job, for a certain ex-husband
  • A house